NGO for rural and child development in India


Alert Sansthan

Alert Sansthan is a community based voluntary organization endeavouring to shore up the children and poor families of rural tribal areas in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Alert Sansthan has been working as a catalyst and facilitator in comprehensive and sustainable development in the lives of deprived section of society majorly children and women. Since its inception in 1990, Alert Sansthan is working against the various problems faced by the under privileged section of Southern Rajasthan predominantly the tribal area.

Alert has played a defining role in changing the mindset of masses with several schemes and programs for the upliftment of the rural poor with needs to have greater sensibility towards the problems as poverty, malnutrition, high population growth, ignorance, exploitation and unemployment.

Alert Sansthan is working on various development programs as childhood development, Community Mobilization and Capacity Building, Rural Health Development, family livelihood, Water Management Women Empowerment Waste Management besides other activities of rural development.
Alert Sansthan is focused to carry out the program based on  Education, Child protection and participation and Livelihood enhancement, Malnutrition, Community Organization, Imparting Vocational Training in schools and outside the school to drop outs and girls, Mother’s group, Awareness Generation, Forestry, Animal husbandry, Growing and processing of plants, agriculture etc.

Alert Sansthan founded with the ambition of transferring an advantage of knowledge to the grass roots. Alert Sansthan hosts local community learning centre which supports awareness and awakening to the masses from grass roots about their own local resources and apply wisdom and management capacities to get organize for a respectful life in the society contribution to the development of nation. They have been sensitized about it especially with reference to the wisdom and management skill.

Alert Sansthan is continuously making tremendous efforts to make changes in the aforesaid areas which has the long lasting impact in physical environment and socio-economic circumtances of the country. Alert Sansthan is provided monetary assistance from the state government as well as central government, various funding agencies, implementer partners, NGO’s not only in financial terms but also with technical support to organise different activities for the exposure of the program.